Menashe Sopher was born in Bombay, India. In 1967 Menashe relocated to London, then later he settled in Johannesburg, South Africa where he started his family and established a successful business until he made aliyah to Israel in 1993.

Since 1994, Menashe Sopher has been a pioneer in airport passenger transportation services in Israel, creating the only company which provides services to cater and target the English speaking and Israeli religious markets: Super Shuttle, Private Transfer Services, VIP Meet & Assist services, Private Israel Tours, and exclusive visits to Gedolim.

Menashe Sopher’s service ranks high above the competition simply because the company puts the customer first. Airport travel can be a very stressful experience and Menashe Sopher strives to offer clientele the most convenient and hassle free service based on quality, honesty, friendly customer service, reliability, and passenger safety.

The success of its customer service driven business model is proven in the overwhelming number of loyal customers who have repeatedly turned to Menashe Sopher’s services since the founding of the company; individual travelers, businessmen and women, religious institutions, travel agencies, bar/bat mitzvah tours, Jewish youth groups, Israeli yeshivos and seminaries, and many more.

Enjoy the ride!

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